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The new website and COVID-19.

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Hi there. well, we finally got around to re-building our website and we thought we might bring back 'The Blog'. But then we remembered that we are totally useless at keeping the blog updated. We started out well with pictures and reports from the venues that we had played at but then things got busy and by the time we got round to writing some content for the blog we couldn't remember the details from that long ago. So instead, we have called this 'latest news' and we will keep adding little snippets as and when we can. We, like many others, took our last bow on a theatre stage on the 16th March 2020 and headed home to be with our families and loved ones while the outbreak of COVID-19 ravaged our country, our population and our industry. Now, as restrictions are slowly being lifted we look to the future with hope. We have not being standing still during this pandemic, we've always been of the opinion 'if you're standing still you're going backwards', the way we looked at it was we have many times had the 'if we could do it again what would we do different' conversations and so we figured that with so much down time why not have a go at hitting the reset button, and so that's what we've been doing. All those little niggles and gremlins have been taken care of, that lighting pattern that just wasn't right but would take two weeks to fix, take out that song that never landed the way we would have liked, put in that song that we forgot about but that should have been in from day one, the list goes on. We still have work to do but we're nearly done, we are getting together for rehearsals in the next few weeks and are really looking forward to returning to touring, whenever that may be.

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